5. Drawing faces out of Time magazine.


  6. Small Press Expo 2014


    If you’re attending the Small Press Expo this weekend, I’ll have 2 1/2 new debuts for you to check out. I’ll be set up waaaaaaay at the back of the room at table W37A, which is near Nobrow press, so you can pick up the new Roman Muradov book and then take two steps to my table and get  …

    An Honest Performance
    20 Pages
    Handmade Edition of 30

    ///// A N D /////

    Intimacy Test
    46 Pages
    Handmade Edition of 30

    ///// A N D /////


    If you buy both Intimacy Test and An Honest Performance, I’ll just give you a copy of the above comic. For FREE. Crazy, right?

    ///// A N D /////


    You can also pick up the above letterpress print for just $10. I’m trying to keep everything really cheap so that I can sell out right away and go wait in line to meet Jules Feiffer.

    Really looking forward to this show! More info about the Small Press Expo here.


  7. YMCA


  8. Had a fun cabin trip last weekend.


  9. Home sweet home.